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Kids in Preschool

Early Learners


Fostering friendships, developing kindness, self-control, pretend play, working together, working cooperatively in small/large groups, and turn-taking are all skills this group targets. Early Learners is focused on helping your child to learn and practice these skills alongside same-aged peers. Our certified staff will help facilitate interactions while providing support with flexibility during play routines, cooperation with activity transitions/ clean-up, specific movement activities to help sensory integration, and exposure to basic gym techniques. . 


Drawing Together

Elementary Learners
1st-5th Grade


Elementary learners summer camp will focus on expressive and receptive language skills, following directions, social skills, and exposure to basic gymnastic techniques. Certified staff members will provide small and large group opportunities to both develop and practice these skills through a variety of movement-based themes and activities such as obstacle courses, group games, and specific sensory-motor activities.  


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