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Brains In Motion's behavioral services use a comprehensive, evidence-based approach, rooted in the science of behavior, to achieve positive outcomes for individuals across various age groups and diagnoses, while at the same time maintaining a strong emphasis on family values at the core of an established treatment plan. Through this process, our Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) employs a targeted and individualized approach by identifying specific skill development areas needed by each client. Once individualized interventions begin, improvement in these skill development areas begins to occur, which then naturally leads to a decrease in challenging behaviors. In addition, by identifying necessary changes in a child's environment that may need to occur, our staff can then create a more conducive setting for skill development and overall improvement. Once these environmental changes are established, skill development can naturally begin to soar. Our BCBA also specializes in the following areas:

Behavioral Services

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder in children and young adults

  • intensive toilet training

  • literacy skill development

  • aggression towards others and self

  • parent and caregiver training

  • positive behavior interventions

  • evidence-based interventions in the classroom

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