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The History of Brains In Motion


I have a son with ADHD and dyslexia and he was struggling.  I started researching alternative therapy treatments and discovered something called "retained primitive reflexes." I then began researching and taking any course I could find on how to integrate primitive reflexes (as they are tied to individuals with ADHD and dyslexia) as well as trialing everything I learned with my son. As I began to use these new treatment strategies, I started noticing improvement in Braxton's reading and also an increase in his lethargy from the ADHD medicines......I then knew it was time to trial "life" without the medicine and he has never been on them since. This all took place in 4th grade. 

At the time this all occurred, I was an occupational therapist in the school system. I knew my new-found training needed to be shared with so many of the students I had the privilege of working with as well as others and the community as a whole. I wanted to create a place for families, children and individuals to receive this type of treatment that was so beneficial to Braxton. I also wanted to provide a supportive environment for other practicing therapists to learn these skills and techniques in order to make an impact on our community and profession as well. Brains In Motion was created and I have never looked back!

                                                                ~Kristi Warren, MOT, OT/L



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