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Speech Therapy

Brains In Motion speech therapy staff bring together both clinical and school-based experience from birth through young adulthood. Our speech team provides exceptional quality therapy services in a non-intimidating, nurturing and playful environment. Our goal for each client is to support them in achieving their maximum potential, thus improving their quality of life and function. The following are direct speech therapy services provided at Brains In Motion:

  • Speech Therapy

Individual speech therapy services focus on diagnosing and treating communication challenges and oral motor concerns in children. Some common characteristics of speech communication challenges include substituting one sound for another, omitting sounds in words, difficulty putting words together to form sentences or difficulty in coordinating the muscles necessary for speech production.

  • Language Therapy

Language is composed of both expressive and receptive components. Expressive language refers to the ability to express thoughts, feelings and ideas through verbal or written communication. Receptive language refers to the ability to understand and process language input from others. Language therapy focuses on the components of each of these areas, targeting vocabulary development, communication of thoughts and emotions, appropriate responses to both spoken and written language and overall comprehension of skills.

  • Sensory Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy is for children who experience difficulty with chewing and/or swallowing food and/or liquids. This type of therapy, through the use of food chaining techniques, is also beneficial for children who eat a limited variety of foods and are considered "picky eaters."

  • Orton-Gillingham Based Dyslexia Instruction

The Orton-Gillingham approach is a structured, multisensory instructional method designed to help individuals with dyslexia improve their reading, writing and spelling skills. Individuals with this language based disorder have difficulty processing language-related tasks, particularly in the areas of phonology (sound-letter relationships), phonemic awareness (the ability to identify and manipulate individual sounds in words) and decoding (translating written symbols into sounds). Our certified staff incorporate key  Orton-Gillingham components to support improvement in all areas of writing, reading and spelling.

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