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Occupational Therapy Services

Brains In Motion occupational therapy staff bring together over 30 years of clinical and school-based experience. Our staff continue to research cutting edge, holistic occupational therapy approaches to bring to our clients and community. Beyond the traditional occupational therapy approaches, these alternative approaches include certifications in cold light laser reflex integration, integrative listening systems, individualized Educational Kinesiology treatment, Emotional Freedom Technique, rhythmic movement, Brain Gym educational kinesiology, executive function and anxiety. These advanced specializations, with a trauma informed approach, provide in-depth support for individuals of any age with the following:

  • learning difficulties

  • autism

  • anxiety

  • dyslexia

  • depression

  • speech delays

  • fine motor delays

  • sports performance

  • sensory processing delays

  • ADHD

  • behavioral concerns

  • developmental delays

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